Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun , creativity and language learning

My school bag project

This project was the final task on this topic. For the previous ones I followed the coursebook.

Target language
Grammar : I`ve got 
Vocabulary: school objects , colours and numbers.

Material: Card board paper in different colours, ribbons, glue, scissors, school object printables, stapler and  coloured pens and pencils.

Refer to this link for more details on creating the bags.

I spent around one hour to have my kids colour the school objects , choose their cardboard paper colours , put the pieces of the craft together and finally have their school bag craft ready.
Classroom was messy at the end but they were motivated and eager to see their craft done.
After finishing all the artistic work we had the bags displayed around the class. 
Then for the next class, I gave them time to rehearse their speech for the presentations.And they did so. 
Firstly I myself made a presentation about my school bag and had them present theirs to each other as a rehearsal.

After this moment , they came to the front of the class individually and presented their project.

They had a purpose to speak and  be proud of their work.


Lu Bodeman said...

What a great idea, Leandra!! It is always so much fun to see kids engaged so enthusiastically in their learning opportunities.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really engaging... could you also share what target language was developed in this activity. Do you have any transcripts of their presentations?

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