Sunday, March 11, 2012


Once upon a time , there was this teacher who loved telling stories to her students...

Story telling part

 Start the story by describing the main character without showing Ss any picture. Use simple sentences and grade your language so as to activate their schematic knowledge successfully.
See Slide 1
As soon as Ss guess who you are talking about ask Ss to make a line in the middle of the class. You can use a colorful tape to show SS where exactly they are supposed to stand. Tell SS one of the sides of the line means TRUE and the other means FALSE.  You can also use signs to show this division more clearly.
Display sentences on the board about the story and ask them to jump to the side of the class which indicates their opinion about it (true / false). Ss bodies’ movements will certainly show their level of understanding about the sentences. Their previous knowledge about the story will help them to perform the task successfully.

After getting this feedback ask SS to sit down and show them a part of the story.

Language Focus

-          Vocabulary about clothes (I`m wearing…) and colors.
Show Ss three pictures of Cinderella and ask them to put these pictures in order.

After ordering Cinderella’s pictures elicit the difference among them. Ss might easily spot the colors as the main difference. Based on that, ask what Cinderella is wearing.
Now you are ready to teach the vocabulary as suitable to your syllabus and learner`s needs.

CLIL based activity.

Ask Ss to order some sentences about Cinderella`s story. ( You should create your own sentences according to your students` level of English.)

After getting feedback on the organization ask SS what the Prince did on the day after the “big party”.
Depending on their familiarity with the language Ss will point out that the Prince asked every single girl in the neighborhood to try the shoe he was carrying on. 

Ask Ss if it was easy or difficult to find Cinderella. And after getting their answers, invite a S to come to the center of the class and ask him to take off their shoes. Take yours off as well and exchange them with your student. Its crystal clear that the shoes won`t fit neither you nor the student. Ask SS why and teach them the chunk “It`s too big” and “It`s too small”

See slide 4

After drilling and practicing the structure with your students, have them come to the middle of the class. They all should take their shoes off. Ask SS to close their eyes. Mix the shoes up and invite one by one to find their shoes only by touching them with their feet. They cannot open their eyes whilst trying to find the shoes. As soon as they get their shoes ask them to leave the circle.
After having everybody got the new shoes, ask them if they are ok with the shoes. If they say no, you should ask “Why? What`s the problem?”And Ss are supposed to say “It`s too big” or “It`s too small”

This is what happened in my class.


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