Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How my PLN has changed my life as an English teacher

Why have I decided to create a twitter account?

I had the chance of taking part in a conference last July where basically almost everybody was walking around with I-phones, I-pads and Blackberries twitting away what was happening there.
The ones who had a twitter account were able to know what was going on in different sessions through the information delivered by their PLN.
I did not have any the devices, as I mentioned before, or an active twitter account. I felt as if I was an alien.
In addition to that, I witnessed a close friend meeting face to face for the first time with other participants he had met via Twitter. And the most amazing thing was the connection these people had even before meeting in person.

Action plan:

Having come back to my town:

 -I reactivated my twitter account
-Created this blog
-Started to take part in webinars
- Attended the RSCON3
-Started to attend Twitter chats: #Breltchat , #ELTchat , #kinderchat

Look at what I was:

Look at what I am now…

This is a solid example of how much I have acquired in only two months being active on Twitter:

What are you waiting for? Get yourself connected as well!!!


Anonymous said...


What a wonderful thing that you gave it a shot and joined the twitterverse/blogosphere! It has completely changed my life too...In more ways than it's possible to list.

And think that if you hadn't, we would probably never have met!!!!!!!!!! Now, THAT would be a tragedy!

Thanks for including me in such an amazing list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I can only reiterate what our lovely Ceci has said, and to thank you for including me on the list. Love the images you picked, they speak a thousand words. Looking forward to a long and healthy friendship.

Kinderchat said...

LOVE that you are a part of the Kinderchat community!! Yay!!

herbert.barlow said...

It's amazing the infinity of stuff you find. Am I right, am I right?! Twitterverse rules!

Marijana said...

Hi Lea, a wonderful article, like you have described my path as well. Tak care and see you on twitter! Smiles from Croatia @mscro1

Vicky Saumell said...

Hi, Lea! I`m so happy I met you at that conference! And even happier that we are now connected in this way!

Ana Carla said...

Well, I can say that I`m still an alien in terms of twitter and blogs. However, that conversation we had other day made me be more aware of this bottomless pit called virtual world. Thanks!

Tyson Seburn said...

I've only just now noticed this thanks to a ping-back. Glad you came on board and that you may feel alien for different reasons now. ;)

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