Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Three Little Pigs.

Lesson Plan

Story Telling Part

Start your lesson by teaching two really important words – house and apartment building. You can ask students where they live, if the live in a house or in an apartment building and if it`s big or small.(slide 1)
1-        1-Create a story telling environment. Ask SS to sit on the floor in a circle.
2-       Elicit animals’ names from them and ask if they remember any story about three animals.
3-      2-Show them slide 2 and then teach them the vocabulary from slide 3.
4-     Invite Ss to watch a video about the story.

5-     After having SS watch the video, you can start focusing on the houses in the story and the materials they are made of (slide 4). At this part it is important that you have SS reflect about which one is the safest house. Bringing the material the houses are made of is an excellent idea.
6-      4-Orally, try to retell the story with the SS.
7-      5-Ask SS to draw their favorite part of the story so as to make another story tree.  SS loved the idea of having a story telling “wood” in the class.  
-      6-Have SS create wolves and pigs paper crafts. 
Language Focus
Parts of the house
You can adapt this part according to your syllabus.

CLIL based activities

One world, different houses – geography

1-      Revise all the house and furniture vocabulary they have learned so far.
2-      Show Ss a video and elicit all the vocabulary they have learned. My SS got amazed by the house and the pieces of furniture. Name different students each time you pause the video, so as the make sure they are all able to produce the language they acquired.
3-      Go through slides and show SS different types of houses all around the world. At this point name, places , materials and ask  whether SS would like to live in those houses or not.
4-      Project- My dreamy house= Provide SS with paper and ask them to dram their DREAMY house.
5-      Whenever SS finish , display their work on the wall and have them vote for the most creative house.

 Creating and decorating your house - Arts and crafts

Have SS create houses using shoes boxes. I got my ideas from this wonderful website.

You can also have SS fill their houses with furniture!!! Visit this website in order to learn how to make play dough.  Thank you very much  Louise Winsor @louwinsr


MrsW said...

I use Google maps to help my Kinder students understand these concepts. Using their own addresses we look at and then define the meaning of unit, apartment, house, townhouse, villa. They love to see their houses etc., and are happy to share their knowledge and help build greater understanding.

Leandra Dias said...

Great Idea!!! I will try to implement my lesson by using this tip. Thanks for sharing!!!

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