Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 11th- A Speaking lesson

September 11th, undoubtedly , a date to be remembered.
Most of my students have been talking  about this date non-stop  for days now, and as it  is really close to the Brazilian Independence day , I decided to turn this topic into a speaking lesson so as to provide my students with some data about it and encourage some reflection about patriotism.
Here are some of my ideas. Hope you can take some advantages of them.

Lesson Plan

1- Slide 1= 
Show Ss 2 photos - one of them taken on the day of the disaster  and a recent one. Pair up the students and have them tell their partner what they remember about the date.
2-Slide 2=
After collecting feedback from students, provide them with some more questions and have them talk to a different person.
3- Slide 3=After collecting feedback , show Ss slide three and after providing Ss with some data about the victims, give them slips of paper , ask them to read, memorize and give them back to you. 
Ask Ss to stand up and mingle around in order to tell their friends the new info they have just been provided with. Make sure they will have the chance of talking to many different people.
4-Ask Ss to sit down, collect feedback again.
5- Show Ss a live video about the South Tower attack.

6-Slide 4-Dedicate some time to talk about Patriotism and American Patriotic feelings.
7-Slide 5- Have Ss talk about their country and some reasons to be proud of it.

- If you have a class blog , you can have students  get together in groups in order to write a post about reasons to be proud of their country.
- You can also have your Ss create a video about reasons for one to come visit your country or even live there permanently.


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