Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome back Smurfs lesson...

Since our kids have been compulsively talking about Smurfs, I decided to get some suggestions from a friend and turn it into a lesson. 
Hope you enjoy it.
Lesson Plan.

1- Get a Smurfs' village picture, which is easily available on Internet and cut it into pieces as if they were part of a puzzle.Have Ss in two groups put the pieces together in order to find out what the picture is about. Whoever finishes firstly is the "winner".
2- On a PPP file show Ss Papa Smurf , Smurfette and Gargamel. Elicit their names and then show the other smurfs.
3- Introduce the other Smurfs and work on their names.

As you can see some Smurfs' names such as Clumsy and Brainy describe personalities characteristics. Work on that by conveyning meaning through mime and then ask Ss to indentify themselves with a Smurf name.

4- Drill the vocab and show Ss the movie trailer. While showing the video try to have Ss indetify the Smurfs by saying their names out loud. If necessary, pause the video and nominate Ss for the activity.

5-After that go online and have Ss Smurf themselves. ( ) 
Check Internet connection and the microphone in your computer before doing that.

6- Before dismissing the Ss, provide them with some Smurfs door hanger . ( I myself created them, by getting door hanger templates and pasting Smurfs pictures on them).
Allow Ss some time to decorate the material you  handled. Aks them to write their names and suggest them to hang their project on their bedroom door.

By Leandra Dias


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