Monday, August 1, 2011

Born to be a teacher

My name is Leandra Dias - @llea_dias-
I'm from the Northeast of Brazil and I live in a hot and lively city called Recife.
It's been ten years I'm a teacher and I must say I'm proud of having chosen such a career.
Teaching is my life and I like doing it regardless my students' level.
In 2009 I spent some time in the USA, more precisely in Gladwyne , PA, working as an au-pair. This experience was amazing and I still miss my kids too much. Being responsible for these boys ( Max and Wes) made me more sensitive about children and their needs.
I am currently working for a private language school called Cultura Inglesa with kids , teenagers and adults.
This blog was created so as I could share some ideas and experiences I had, concerned to the ELT world.
Hope you find it sweet, plesant and memorable.

Leandra Dias

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