Thursday, October 27, 2011

The ugly Duckling

First of all, I should say thanks to @pri_vanderlei for being so helpful and supportive.

This time let`s start the lesson differently!!!

Story- telling part
 Have SS in pairs to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Get the poster I am providing you with and cut in small pieces so as to create a puzzle.
Provide SS with a sheet of paper and glue. Tell them to put the pieces together by gluing them on the blank paper. Set time and let them have fun.
Ask them which story they remember when looking at the picture.
Show them one of the countless videos you can find on line. Here`s my suggestion.

After having SS watch the video , highlight some vocabulary ( slide 2) . Check meaning and then highlight form and pronunciation, if necessary.
Write on a sheet of paper the word YES and on another one the word NO. Have students in a line in the middle of the class. Tell them they are going to move from one side to the other according to the sentences you are about to show them. Model the first sentence.(slide 3)

Language Focus:  Opposite adjectives

Use the fact that one duckling was ugly and the others were beautiful to introduce the idea of opposite adjectives.
Use the slides 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 and 8.
Do not forget to write the words down on the board and provide them with focus on meaning, form and pronunciation.
Provide SS with a handout where they have to brainstorm through drawing or words what they consider beautiful, small and etc…

CLIL based activities: Birds life cycle

Show Ss slide 9 and after eliciting the animals` names from the SS try to have them reflect on the similarity among these animals. (They all have their bodies covered with feathers.)
Show SS an egg and tell them all the birds come from eggs. Then show SS a fast video so as to illustrate the birds` life cycle. ( IN this case - chicken )

Provide SS with a handout and ask them to draw what they remember from the video they have just watched.
Hang the pictures on the wall and have SS take a look at them.

CLIL based activities: Arts and crafts.

To round up the lesson have students create a cute duckling. It`s easy and fast.


Evridiki Dakos said...

Dear Leandra,

So happy to find your blog.
Love your post a lot. Good lesson!
Will follow you! :)


Leandra Dias said...

I`m glad you liked it!!! LOts of love from Brazil!!!

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