Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singing the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays , I have a group of  twelve very energetic teenagers. They are really intelligent  and enthusiastic but it amazes me how easily they get bored.One of the group strongest characteristic is their repulsive attitude towards the coursebook, what seems to awake the boredom in class.
 I have pulled my hair out thinking about how I could explore my Students` intelligence and intrinsic motivation without neglecting the course book.So as to solve the situation,we had a new needs analysis interview and then I came up with this idea which worked really well. Hopefully I will have more of them throughout this semester.

1- After all the greeting and warmer stage, you ask you students to watch a video by Taylor Swift. Tell them to pay attention to every single detail.

2- After that ,show Students this PPP, I`m sharing  and get them discuss about some questions related to the situation in the video.
A productive discussion was generated since most of the students could relate the topic  to their lives.And I honestly think it was the trick. ( I gave students voice and they spoke up!!!)
Depending  on how close you are to your students, you can come up with more questions about love and relationship. My students felt really comfortable to answer some questions which crossed my mind at that moment.

3- Then  tell Students to listen to the song (without the video ) and  fill in the gaps with short sentences.
 Some students may encounter problems having the activity successfully done at first , so repeat the song once more and have them pair check.
Provide students with the answers and then carry on with your explanation about the grammar topic.
At this point I used the coursebook and for the first time my beloved ones did NOT complain about it.
Hope you have a sweet , pleasant and memorable teaching moment.


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